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Anthony Master

Welcome to the community edition of Dgraph docs!

New comers to Dgraph quickly get lost and blow out before they really get started. There is a lot on the official Dgraph Docs to take in. The purpose of these Community Docs is to streamline Dgraph docs to provide better developer onboarding.

Dgraph provides a simple one-click GraphQL API through Dgraph Cloud. Whether you are new to GraphQL or not, we as the community hope to help you succeed. Although Dgraph can be used deployed locally on your own hardware, deployed in your own cloud, and deployed on Dgraph Cloud, we recommend deploying with Dgraph Cloud if you are brand new to Dgraph, to help get you up to speed. After you have gotten your feet wet, and you are ready to go to production, you can either continue with Dgraph Cloud, or deploy it yourself for advanced users.

These docs should help you accomplish the following:

  • Build a GraphQL Schema
  • Use GraphQL Directives
  • Know how to do basic queries and mutation against the GraphQL API
  • Have a broad overview of how Dgraph implements GraphQL
New to GraphQL?

If you are brand new to GraphQL, you may find in-depth explanation and documentation of the official GraphQL specification at

The majority of the community developers maintaing these docs prefer the JavaScript front-end frameworks. As such, when these docs dig into code, you will mostly see it is JavaScript flavored.

We want to accelarate your Dgraph driven application and by such we have some recommendations for you in that regard as well.

We are glad you are here and wish for your success in whatever you are building.

Join us on Discord

We invite you to join the Dgraph Community Discord server, to talk all things Dgraph and application development.

Remember these docs are community developed and supported, so if you see something wrong, please submit a PR or raise an Issue on Github.